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High Precision Aluminum Custom CNC 5 Axis Machining Parts

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CNC can be used to produce machining parts and prototypes very quickly with high precision, at a high production rate, the materials used are strong and durable for testing.

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What is 5-axis machining?

5-axis machining refers to the use of a computer numerical control (CNC) to simultaneously move cutting tools or parts along five axes. The cutting tool continuously moves along every axis so that the tip is always perpendicular to the part. This process allows you to machine a variety of complicated parts.
An Explanation of the 5 Axes
You may already be familiar with 3-axis machining. If you’re not, it’s fairly simple–it’s a machine that moves sideways on the X-axis, vertical on the Y-axis, and back-and-forth on the Z-axis. With 5-axis machining, you get two more axes: the tilting table (A-axis) and the table rotation (C-axis)

The advantage of Senze Precison

1. Custom machining meet to your requirements,

2. Small order quantity acceptable

3. Quickly feed back to all your questions

4. Lead time : sample is about 7days, mass production is about 20-30 days (according to the quantity and technical)

Material Used for 5-axis machining parts

1. Steel alloy, Carbon steel, Stainless steel

2. Copper alloy, brass, bronze

3. Plastic, UPE, PVDF, ESD plastic, Teflon

4. Aluminium alloy, AL6061, AL7075, AL6063, AL5083, AL2012.

Surface finish for cnc machining

Polishing, Anodized, Anodizing, Bead sand blasting, Chrome plated, Powder coated, PVD coating, Etching, Titanium coated, Vacuum coating, Nickel plating, Zinc plated, Chrome plated, Oxide black, and so on.

What do we have for cnc machining

1.5/4/3 axis CNC machining
2.CNC turning machining.
3.Injection molding, Die cast molding
4.Sheet metal fabricate, laser cutting service.
5.Surface treatment
6.QC test system: VMS/CMM QC inspection
7.Certification We have:ISO9001:2015

Working process for cnc machining

We have rich experience in precision machining industry, custom machining match your design.
Senze Precision Machining provides full-service machining for many types of materials and can support your large and small part needs. Custom precision CNC turning and milling service, and we also provide high precision 5-axis service. You will get high quality turned parts, milling parts, cnc parts. Such as housing, connectors, tube fittings, dowel Pin, drive shaft, flange, ring, cylinder body, etc.
Request a quote on CNC machining parts for your application, or contact us for more information production.

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